About Meinrad strategic consulting


To be trusted business advisors offering innovative, quality, consistence, integrity and professional services to our clients, to meet their specific needs and build satisfactory long-term relationships with them.


We strive to be agents of transformation for our clients, workforce, and the society in overall,.

We are committed to the following principles:

  • Generating competitive advantage through our tailor-made solutions
  • Offering unequalled opportunities for personal development
  • Creating capabilities and mobilizing enterprises
  • Joint success accompanied with trust and passion
  • Enabling sustainable impact

We are the partner of choice for business and societal transformation.
Our Business Principles

  • We are constantly proactive about every business aspect
  • We strive to provide nothing short of excellence and exceptional customer service which is necessary to forge long-term business relationships.
  • We continuously endeavor to offer win-win solutions for both our customers and suppliers alike using an innovative and economical approach
  • Consistency and commitment play a vital role throughout each stage of the business process with our clients
  • We view every challenge as an opportunity for corporate and personal growth
  • We are always hungry for knowledge, new methods and innovative technology to boost business efficiency and performance for our current and future clients.

Core Values

Our core values are based on the fundamental principles in which our firm was founded on. These are the guiding principles that mold our culture and define the moral fiber of our firm:

  • Professionalism - ensuring integrity, honesty and respect in all you do. Reputation defines everything about you.
  • Responsibility - Be accountable for every action you undertake. Creates transparency, crucial for any business success
  • Client Service - Be quick to respond, listen attentively and offer positive, ground-breaking solutions and ideas. Generate rave reviews from both external and internal clients. Have a business minded approach; treat every client the way you would treat your business.
  • Continuous Learning - Enhance your knowledge and expand of areas of proficiency that the firm and clients will value. Express thought leadership in the core industries that we serve.
  • Growth - Retaining old clients and attracting new ones is everyone's responsibility in the firm.
  • Great People - Develop, appreciate, hire and retain people who put value in clients, have proactive attitudes, believe in teamwork, share their aspirations and ideas with others, and enjoy having fun.
  • Balance - Ensure a positive work environment that supports our business associates, their personal and family obligations.
  • Community - Be a responsible corporate citizen, and give out your time wisely, energy and talent.
  • Innovation - Think beyond the box. Familiarize yourself with new ideas, methods and practices necessary to achieve your objectives. Make use of cutting edge technology to benefit our clients and firm.
  • Embrace Change - Leave your comfort zone and be open minded. Try out new things.
  • Leadership - Be exemplary in all you do. Be an influential individual and bring out the best in other peers.